Our Story

The Much Better Butter Family

The original inspiration for Much Better Butters™ came from a childhood memory.

My best summers were spent traveling to Germany to visit my grandmother in Bavaria. I loved sitting in my Oma’s tiny kitchen, her table covered in brightly colored oilcloth, gobbling up crusty bread smeared with classic European chocolate-hazelnut spread. She always sent me home with a jar or two stashed in my suitcase. 

Many years later, this girl is a mom of two, and buys a jar of that famous chocolate-hazelnut spread (now readily available in any U.S. corner store), excited to share my childhood joy with my kids. But with one glance at the nutrition label, I was shocked to see it’s actually more sugar and palm oil than hazelnuts.

So began my search for a spread that was nutritious, not too sweet, school-friendly, made with organic ingredients, and that my kids actually enjoyed eating. Turns out such a spread had yet to be invented, so I started experimenting in my home kitchen. Soon I was creating sunflower seed butters that check all the boxes—and then some. 

In some ways, the idea of making my own butters came naturally to me. I’ve spent many joyous hours in the kitchen since I was 10 years old, when I discovered baking and was immediately hooked on the science: the right ingredients, in the right amount, at the right temperature, and voilà! A mouth-watering wonder!

Keeping my kids strong with nutrient-rich foods has always been a priority, and over the years motherhood has motivated me to expand my creative talents and my passion for making healthy foods the whole family enjoys. I make sure all our butters are high in protein, low-to-no sugar, and free of preservatives, additives or palm oils.

Much Better Butter is a small family-run business, and we believe that making, sharing and eating good food can be transformative—not just for ourselves, but for our communities and our world.

All our butters are handmade with certified organic sunflower seeds so they’re easier on the planet. We also donate our products and a portion of each sale to organizations like Girl Ventures outdoor leadership programs and The Mosaic Project, which unites youth of diverse backgrounds to become peacemakers.

Tina Wolfe Photo


I hope your family enjoys our sunflower butters as much as mine does.

~ Tina, mom & founder