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Tina Wolfe photoNever could I have imagined as a young girl that I would start a Sunflower Seed Spread business called Much Better Butter™.
For me, the story is deeply connected to my memories of being young and carefree– I recall reading books under the covers with a flashlight, pumping swings so high the chains would sag and sharing my mom’s PB+J sandwiches with my best friend. My best summers were spent traveling to Germany to visit my grandmother. I recall sitting in Oma’s kitchen with my brother gobbling up crusty bread coated with chocolate hazelnut spread. Being a grandma, Oma made certain to send us home with a coveted jar.

Many years later, this girl is a mom of two adopted kids and buys a jar of that famous chocolate spread (now easily available in any corner store in America!) to share these fond memories with my kids. Unlike what my mom did, I’m reading nutrition labels and saying WTF! That simple sweet spread is now more sugar and palm oil than nuts

Like many parents, I’m looking to use healthy proteins and nutrient rich ingredients in my recipes to keep my kids strong. In the home kitchen, I began creating delicious and nutritious Sunflower Seed Spreads that my kids actually enjoy eating. Much Better Butter™ was founded to share our love of healthy seed spreads with moms and kids. It turns out adults love them too!

As a mom of two growing children, I make sure that Much Better Butters™ are free of preservatives, additives and palm oils. I use organic sunflower seeds in every jar. Besides caring what we put into our bodies, I care deeply about our planet and us humans who live on it. 

Tina Wolfe photo

As a young girl of 10, my daughter’s age now, my first lessons in preparing meals began when I was old enough to watch my younger siblings so my parents could enjoy a night out. I was amazed at the beautiful simplicity of heating frozen meals in an oven. Why did mom waste so much of her time making meals from scratch, I wondered ;-)

Soon I discovered baking and was hooked on the science of cooking-- when the correct amount of ingredients are added in the right amount… Voilà– a mouth watering wonder could be created! When I was not outside running through the woods and collecting snakes I could be found littering the kitchen counter with the detritus of making a double batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. 

Motherhood has motivated me to explore my creative talents in the kitchen and expand my passion for making healthy snacks the whole family enjoys.