Much Better Butter | Savory–Sweet Pack with Cookbook!

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Purchase this amazing two jar pack and get our "Simply Delish Recipe Book" emailed to you for free. 

The moment you open the lid, you can tell it’s gonna be good. See the heavenly handmade texture, with tiny bits of roasted seeds for a creamy crunch. Smell the sunny glimmer of raw organic Hawaiian honey. Taste the subtle sweet in perfect harmony with the nutty and salty. In other words, our luscious Honey-Kissed butter is pretty much paradise in a jar.

For our Roasted with Sea Salt butter, we source the tastiest organic sunflower seeds, perfectly roast them in small batches, gently grind for a hint of crunch, and add just a pinch of salt. You see, these mighty kernels are so good, we like to sit back and let them do the talking. And boy do they chat up lots of flavor — bursting with robust, roasty-toasty, umami perfection. Savor the seed!

One of the many reasons Much Better Butter tastes so darn good is our unique recipe that includes a dash of natural amino acids—the building blocks of proteins essential to a healthy body.  We also source the tastiest certified-organic sunflower seeds, gently grind them in small batches for a hint of crunch, and add just a pinch of salt.

Handmade with organic, non GMO ingredients and a whole lotta love, our sunflower butter is a natural choice for home, school or office. With a recyclable glass jar and long shelf life, it makes the perfect high-protein pantry staple for healthy meals and snacks — all day, every day. That's why we call it Much Better Butter!

• 6-7g plant-based protein per serving
• Great source of fiber, vitamin E, B vitamins, zinc and selenium
• Made with certified organic sunflower seeds
• Peanut-free* | Gluten-free | Dairy-free 
• No added sugar (Sea Salt) & Low in sugar – less than 5g per serving (Honey-Kissed)
• No palm oil

*Our butters are made in a facility that processes tree nuts.

“Much Better Butter is not only better, it’s the BEST! I know because I’ve tried the other sunflower seed butters and they can’t compare.” 
– Alan D., Washington DC